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    King Pen Kennels                                          AKC/UKC Rat Terrier Standard & Miniatures

         The All in ONE Dog

You CAN have it all. Brains, Beauty, Conformation, Comedian, Friend, Companion, Hunter, Working, Agility, Weight Pull, Earth dog

Welcome to my site. Enjoy the fun, love and pride we have for our Rat Terriers. Our goal is to provide you with useful and un-useful information about our Kennel. My name is Jo Ann Draper and my husband is Ray Draper. At this site, you will discover all about our Kennel, if you call it that, and our life with our Rat Terriers. From Show to Water dog to couch potatoes and now Weight Pulling & Lure Coursing our terriers do it all. OK and now they are into on-line poker.


Champion King Pen’s Pippi

We had our dog show in April and Pippi became a champion plus one leg toward her Grand. What a fun show Pippi titled and her mommy earned her Rally Title. Hero, Bentley and Pippi all won Best of breed Mommy and babies. Bethany showed Hero outstanding job.

Fun Fun weekend

Pippi is my little heart dog. Her personality and character is such a joy.


Hey Jo, Aside from Deli having developed some bad habits, he's still a joy to have. Ha!! Thanks for a great little rat! Dave


Echo earning his Champion Weight Pull Title


One of my favorite pictures. The dog whisper

outside 3-2013 045

Doggie condo

Browse our Web site for more information about King Pen Kennels. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a me, e-mail us at or call home first please 209-846-0545


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