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We have had a lot of fun and enjoyment with our family. They are raised inside the house, However, most of the time they are on the couch and or in our bed under the cover. Or in Ray’s Lap my lap.

Little history

I had a Rat Terrier when I was a child. When I grew up and wanted my own dog, I could not remember the type of dog she was. So I searched for almost 20 years (OK, maybe it was 30, I’m no spring chicken!  before I discovered my dream dog was a Rat Terrier. Well, as you can expect, I went out and found my dog, Tootsie. The breed type was just as I remembered, smart, fun, loving and agile. What I love most about Rat Terriers is that they are GREAT family dogs. I will never be without one, or 2,3,4 or 5 Ok that is enough. LOL

Tootsie was my first Rat Terrier she gone now at the age of 18. Still miss her.


As a breeder and a lover of Miniature and Standard Rat Terriers in California, we are out to breed the best and healthiest dogs/ puppies that we can by being a breeder. We strive to breed for conformation, for I believe that when you breed for conformation, you will have a healthier happier dog in the long run. Lets see how long it takes someone to steal that from my web site. OK I'm bad. We show our dogs and attend Go to Ground and Terrier Races (and anything else we can think of!) and now Weight Pull with Echo and Hero. Besides being great competitors, they also make great working dogs and companions. Let me show you what I mean. These pictures throughout my website show how they are raised, loved and cared for, and the pictures tell it all.

We ended up having so much fun at the dog show and other events, that we started a local Rat Terrier Club. It has been a Blast!!!! We have truly enjoyed all the people, the help, the laughs and the fun. (And the laughs again). I believe everything happens for a reason, and I think this club was meant to be. The Central Valley Rat Terrier Club has grown and become so much a part of our family. It has been a great teaching and learning experience for everyone. We all seem to help each other as much as we can. We put on events we call "fun days". We camp-out and have lots of fun events like ball toss, terrier races, lure coursing, agility games, go to ground and any other game that will keep the dogs AND us entertained


Update : We were at a AKC dog show Ray comes walking up to me an asks. Hey do we have an extra 50.00 I look at him what for? So He took me outside and showed me the New AKC complete Breed Book. Opened it up to Rat Terrier and YES there was this picture and a picture of Joseph as a puppy and then turn the page there was Echo. Yes we were very excited and proud that they choose our pictures of the dogs.

Oh ok since I started bragging.  AKC also did a Meet the Breed Book an they choose Hero to be the poster dog for that.


We also consider ourselves to be breeders. that strive to breed for conformation, for I believe that when you breed for conformation you will have a healthier happier dog in the long run.

We don’t breed our female dogs until they are 2 years old, if then. And we will only breed them once a year. If we feel that they are in perfect condition to be breed. And if we have the right male to breed too.

Yes there is a lot of show pictures and show talk but Ray and I have fun at it. It is our fun, but that is not the only things we do with our dogs. It helps you understand that you can have beauty and a working dog and a companion all in one dog. Yes, you can have it all! I know we do. They are All in One Dogs Lets see how long it takes for someone to steal that saying from my web site. 7-18-05. 

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Hero Meet the Breed

 King Pen Kennels

 AKC/UKC Rat Terrier Standards & Miniatures

There are people in this world that like to use people or try to take what other people have done. I think we call them Leaches – Lairs-Crazies - Nuts- weirdos,   People that you can't trust.

Have you just got tired of someone lying. Saying they are part something when they are not.  Or just straight out trying to steal my Kennel name because they don’t have a very good rep. And they have to use my kennels name to sell their puppies.  It ok they steal have a really bad rep.  these people that were once what we thought were friends we have not been for I think 8 years.  But they still continue to try to be associated with us.

I have not been associated with any other Kennel but there are people claiming they are King Pen Kennels or part of. No other kennels is associated with mine Some may have my blood but not my kennel. So if you have any questions please call. 209-846-0545

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The All in ONE Dog              You CAN have it all. Brains, Beauty, Conformation, Comedian, Friend, Companion, Hunter, Working, Agility, Weight Pull, Earth dog, Lure Coursing, Nosework