Gone But Not Forgotten

UFR USR Champion Tootsie CGC DNA

Well after 18 year of life  from this wonderful dog she is at rest. I know she will be waiting for me when I get their.

Tootsie is my companion, my partner, my friend, and my spoiled rotten baby. She is a healthy, happy, loving dog. Tootsie is now spayed. She is 17 years old, 14.5 inches tall, weighs 18 pounds and looks great. Look at those muscles!! We call her a miniature Bull Terrier. She has a distinct presence about her. However, she still acts like a  year old puppy. She just loves wrestling and tackling all the other dogs. She really enjoys picking on everyone. And the tongue, if you let her she will lick you till you are shining. WELL as her age now this is what she was like. Now she sleeps alot. but if the other are out playing she still tries to get involved.




I have not wanted to do this because I miss him so much still. But on Christmas Eve 2011 my neighbors APBT eat thru the fence and killed Prince. We had just ran to the store. And I™m just not ready to take down his pictures if do have to say that when you get on the AKC website you will find his pictures here and there.


UFCH USR Grand Champion King Pen Ka Zoo CGC DNA

Ka Zoo has done a lot in her little life. At the age of 11 months she became a Grand Champion. Got her Good Citizenship Certificate. Became #1 in the top ten list. Was a member of the Disc Dog Team (Frisbees) playing is what she loves. At the National Specialty 2002 in Kalamazoo, My Ka Zoo went Best of Breed. We were very proud of both of the dogs. That was Ka Zoo’s last show. Now she gets to play ball, Freebie, Terrier Races, Lure coursing, swim, play with the other dogs and anything else Ray can come up with to do.

Ka Zoo passed in Oct of last year. at the age of 14 years old.


Grand Champion King Louie


Louie is a calico

 King Pen Kennels

 AKC/UKC Rat Terrier Standards & Miniatures

There are people in this world that like to use people or try to take what other people have done. I think we call them Leaches – Lairs-Crazies - Nuts- weirdos,   People that you can't trust.

Have you just got tired of someone lying. Saying they are part something when they are not.  Or just straight out trying to steal my Kennel name because they don’t have a very good rep. And they have to use my kennels name to sell their puppies.  It ok they steal have a really bad rep.  these people that were once what we thought were friends we have not been for I think 8 years.  But they still continue to try to be associated with us.

I have not been associated with any other Kennel but there are people claiming they are King Pen Kennels or part of. No other kennels is associated with mine Some may have my blood but not my kennel. So if you have any questions please call. 209-846-0545

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