Amazing weekend. Went to the Premier in Mi. We had the National Specialty, Top Ten Finals & Friday Premier. Top Ten GRCH King Pen RB Buzzabout Ratitatt won then moved on to the Finals. The Nationals was next and Echo won the Nationals his daughter Magic won the Champion class. What a thrill it was.

Premier 2008


Winning National Best of Breed

Judge Jeanne Heager


Then the truely amazing thing happen on Friday was Echo won the breed on Friday went on to Group placed #1 in group moved on to Best in Show an took Reserve Best in Show. Having a dream come true for Ray well he would have preferred the Best in show but you can not beat the Reserve with beating 1075 dogs to take that win. Amazing

Premier 2009


Ray & Echo qualifying for Total Dog

Ray & Echo getting Total Dog was the only Rat Terrer to get a Total Dog.

 King Pen Kennels

 AKC/UKC Rat Terrier Standards & Miniatures

There are people in this world that like to use people or try to take what other people have done. I think we call them Leaches – Lairs-Crazies - Nuts- weirdos,   People that you can't trust.

Have you just got tired of someone lying. Saying they are part something when they are not.  Or just straight out trying to steal my Kennel name because they don’t have a very good rep. And they have to use my kennels name to sell their puppies.  It ok they steal have a really bad rep.  these people that were once what we thought were friends we have not been for I think 8 years.  But they still continue to try to be associated with us.

I have not been associated with any other Kennel but there are people claiming they are King Pen Kennels or part of. No other kennels is associated with mine Some may have my blood but not my kennel. So if you have any questions please call. 209-846-0545

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