Yes those are all of his titles


Echo has been a dream come true for Ray. He has been an outstanding show dog, with confirmation that is good enough to compete for Best in Shows. We have be told my many, many judges that Echo’s conformation was wonderful. Guess that is why he won over 150 Best in show and about the same in Reserve Best in shows.

¬ Echo enjoys running so Lure Coursing is something he loves to do. And he just loves to be cute. He thinks he is a big love. Ray has also started him in Weight Pull, which is really fun to watch. He will set him down on the line, and Ray will ask him to come to him. Echo is standing there thinking about it. Ray calls him again this time, with his voice cracking a little because he is starting to get nervous. Ray is wondering if Echo is going to pull or not. Well, sometimes he does and sometimes he does not. Well the nice thing about getting old You just don’t have to do the heavy stuff any more. Still loves to run the lure at his age at almost ten.


Favorite things to do.

* Gets all the dogs to play and chase him.

* Take picutes.

* Go riding in the car.

* Loves to run.

* Loves to do Lure Course

* Loves the water. Dives in the swimming pool then swims to the ladder and climbs out. Then dives back in again.

* Echo’s new game is seeking me out where ever I am.

* Run to Ray and he has to catch him then run back to me and I better catch him. If you don’t you will really regret it.

* Punish me when I leave him at home alone.

* Loves going to the lake and chasing the birds and ducks both in or out of the water.

* Loves to sleep in his Daddy‪s lap

* Enjoys picking on his daughter Hero and eating all her food.

* Gets Hero on the ground with his chest and holds her and is very vocal about it.

*Waits for the other dogs to carry the dog food in the living room and drops it to eat it. Then he steals it.

*Climb trees

echo2 1863x2351

The Premier 2009 we did not win much and we knew with the judges that we weren’t. So really the only goal we had was for Total dog, and that was achieved. It looks a lot easier than it is. There were not may dogs that quaifilied, but Echo got his Total Dog at the Premier.

The Premier 2008 was so very exciting. The Top Ten dog Buzzy won and went all the way to the Top 20 dogs. At the Nationals, I have never seen Ray more nervous. When he took Breed and Echo’s Daughter took Champion Class, it was very exciting. Echo did win the BOB and the National Title. The next day under Dan Cluchfield, Echo won breed and moved on to get a Group 1 and then on to the BIS where Echo came in RBIS. Ray was just floating at this point. Ray’s dreams have almost come true at this point, but he really did miss it by one dog, the Best In Show dog. I really don’t know how long I can live with Ray’s head as big as it is. LOL And Ray thinks that poor Echo can do no wrong.

We were very proud to announce that Echo finished #2 on the Top Ten List for 2007.

We were also very proud to announce that Echo finished #9 on the Top Ten List for 2006 with only 3.5 months of showing.


Love this picture was taken at Lily Lake, Tahoe


Echo and his mom

Lake June10,2009 260 Large Web view
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